Wifi Analyzer Apk

WiFi Analyzer apk can allow you to identify Wifi issues, discover the best station or the best location for the router/access point by turning your PC/ tablet PC, notebook or mobile device into an analyzer for the wireless network.

Simply install the program that is free from Google Play and found it. You’ll which channels they’re using and see a summary of the wireless networks locally.

wifi analyzer apk

The wifi analyzer apk application will really help you to find the nearest Wi-Fi stations for a better signals and also the Wifi networks available close to you, in order to go directly to your own router’s internet interface and select the one that is perfect.

You have a router which is connected to the channel that is same using by other Wifi networks in the area near by your location or surrounding a particular place. on that scenarios you could experience signal drops outs or a slow speed of bandwidth. So its irritating inconvenience for you and you could only do trying flicking between other stations on your own router until you receive the best Wifi. Instead, it is possible to download this free program of wifi analyzer apk that does the work for you.

After installing Wifi Analyzer apk app successfully, the interface of the application starts showing the signal strength in the graph form with the various Wifi networks nearby your area combined with the power of signal and the stations around to you. This will provide you with a notion of whether the station is set to is packed or not and whether your network has a weak or powerful signal.

WiFi Analyzer apk is the WiFi analyzer application that is greatest to analyses and solve, and to identify access points and wifi channels prevalence on wireless networks instantly.

It’s an ideal tool for advanced users and professional WiFi network analyzers and administrators to command who’s connected to it and their office wireless network performance, check out and identify access point data transmission speeds information, and optimize WiFi network channels.

Using this android app Get WiFi network in-depth info, including wireless networks that are concealed, and take advantage of exceptional characteristics like computer screen way to capture and examine WiFi speed evaluation, apparatus viewer, equipment inventory, and all wireless devices traffic.

Are you wondering of slow wireless internet connectivity?

Battling for wifi connectivity? Is your wireless network seems slow, you’ve probably heard that some household electronic devices including microwave ovens, baby monitors and cardless phones pamper wifi performance.


General things to consider.

Your neighbor’s wifi network. If you use a 2.4 gigahertz router and live in a densely populated area your neighbors wifi networks could interfere with yours entering the performance in a range of your wireless network.

Household electronics: Is your microwave ovens, card less phone or baby monitor sabotaging your Netflix stream? Perhaps, most problems with card less phones and microwaves involve products that use the 2.4 gigahertz fan. Many baby monitors operated 2.4 gigahertz which can interfere with routers. It’s important to get a router that supports simultaneous 2.4 and 5 gigahertz. Think twice about putting a router somewhere with a lot of people.

Water inhibits Wi-Fi signals.

Since Humans are mostly water, a bunch of us hanging out in a room together can interfere with the signal, you may have noticed getting worse internet connections in crowded spaces and yes you probably want a good wifi signal in the room where people like together put all those bodies might slow it down in other parts of the house.

Many of the people have had a great relationship with Wi-fi that is wireless networking technology is the rocky at the best of times because it’s slower than wired and often flick his balls but the alternative is plugging Ethernet cables into the phone.

Check the factors that responsible for higher wireless internet speed and improve your signal strength


  1. Position your access point

Position your access point usually built into your router correctly the coverage area is severe shaped so center your access point within your intended coverage area as best as you can, avoid putting it directly on the floor on a thick wall or next to a large object nearby dense materials like stone metal and concrete will reduce your wireless signal strength.

  1. Number to check for software and firmware updates

For routers, go to the website of the brand on the box but for many adapters instead of going to need dealings website you can actually find newer drivers on the wireless chipset manufacturers website directly examples of chipset makers include Broadcom and rail link.

  1. choose the right channel for your access point to run on

Using a free tool like wifi analyzer for android gives you a visual representation of the other wireless networks in your area on the 2.4 gigahertz band there are only 3 usable non overlapping channels and in a perfect world you’d want to pick whichever of these is open, unfortunately in apartment buildings and even dent suburban areas this is unlikely to happen and even with a tool like this there will be some trial and error because things like cordless phone security cameras and baby monitors are examples of products that might not even show up on a wifi network map but can cause serious interference.

  1. Grab a more sensitive antenna

If your access point has external antenna support become into main flavors ani directional antennas will keep the spherical network shape but make it bigger, while directional ones can be great if you have a long then coverage area that you’re trying to reach, just make sure you aim it properly.

  1. Get a repeater

Repeaters can be configured with the same SSID your network name and password. So you can roam between them pretty much without noticing, as long as you’re not doing something like streaming a Skype call that’s likely to get disconnected as you move over a boundary. So don’t recommend repeaters that connects to both your device and tear access point wirelessly, so make sure you get 1 that either connect through power line or Ethernet.

Download wifi analyzer apk android application today and enjoy the high speeds of internet checking the networks, bandwidth, channels and access points near to you.